La realidad de las sanciones de EE. UU. hacia Venezuela

January 20, 2023
Season 1
Season 1
La realidad de las sanciones de EE. UU. hacia Venezuela

Since the beginning of the United States sanctions towards Venezuela in 2006, United Nation Human Rights advocates have hardly criticized those sanctions that they allegedly violate human rights but also kill children due to food insecurity as many commercial meal imports have been prohibited within those sanctions, that devastates the lives of the people, rather than restoring democracy.

Michelle Bachelet, United Nations commissioner, said that U.S. sanctions on the south-American country aggravated the situation.

“The enjoyment of economic and social rise, has continued to deteriorate dramatically since June 2018, the last time there was a report of Venezuela,” Bachelet said. “But vulnerable population such as children, pregnant women, the elderly and indigenous people have been particularly affected.”

Hurtado, Marta, et al. “UN Human Rights Report on Venezuela Urges Immediate Measures to Halt and Remedy Grave Rights Violations.” OHCHR, 4 July 2019, https://www.ohchr.org/en/press-releases/2019/07/un-human-rights-report-venezuela-urges-immediate-measures-halt-and-remedy.

Listen to the only episode that every time I heard it, tears drop off from my eyes.

Show notes

  • 0:10 Introduction
  • 1:52 Former advisor to Hugo Chávez, Eva Golinger
  • 3:33 The opposition rally
  • 4:00 Women at 25 should check out for cervical cancer
  • 6:44 How inflaction occurs
  • 7:55 U.S. vengeance towards Venezuela
  • 10:00 Elliot Abram - main head of mass masacres in Central-America
  • 11:00 Genocide and decapitating children
  • 12:30 Elliot in a House hearing
  • 14:48 U.S. sanctions deprive people of food and medications
  • 16:28 U.N. Commissioner Michelle Bachelet
  • 17:17 Increase of pain and suffering among citizens of Venezuela
  • 20:34 Nicólas Maduro message to President Biden

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